Sneaker Freak

Sneakers are a girls best friend

The re-entry of sneakers back into the fashion world was the best thing to happen. Everyone needs to have sneakers in their day to day wardrobe (yes plural, you need more than one pair!) Matching sneakers with jeans and a basic tee, or even dressing down dresses and skirts to make an outfit more causal has become the norm now. Like it or not those lust-worthy sneakers are here to stay.

Which ones to get? My all time favourite sneakers are from Adidas, who just opened up an originals store here in Auckland. Their collaboration with Stan Smith are my favourites, especially now they are bringing out more and more colour ways! Must get my hands on some of the new ones. Converse of course is almost everyone's go to sneaker. I recently purchased their collaboration sneaker with Comme Des Garçon. I thrash my converse but they last for ages, which is the most important thing. If something works - stick two it, and these two brands definitely work in my wardrobe.

Although I mostly stick to my trusty brands I branched out and purchased a pair of Spring Courts. Im waiting till I can get my hands one some good shoe protector because Auckland winter + brand new white shoes is a recipe for disaster I would say. 

If you're looking for a sneaker thats slightly different and will give you some lift, I invested in a pair of Marant Bobby Sneakers and haven't looked back. They are a wedge sneaker, which some people don't like but for someone short like me, its subtle way of adding an extra 5cm without many people noticing. Adidas also came out with a version as did Nike, however I swear by Marant.