Designer Wardrobe

We all dream for those designer brands to be hanging side by side in our wardrobe, and for the shoe boxes to be piling up beside them, but how do you afford them?

I'm lucky enough to have a couple high end designer pieces that mix in with my wardrobe, of course saving for those pieces can be hard. I seem to swipe my card for lunch and next thing you know I'm left with $3.50 - where did those savings go?! 

Of course, collecting clothes or 'hoarding clothes' as my friends call it is great until you run out of space and money for the new season. This is where Designer Wardrobe comes in. I discovered Designer Wardrobe when it was first starting out after selling a lot of my older clothes on Facebook groups. 

I use Designer Wardrobe a lot, especially when spring cleaning comes around and I am left with a whole lot of clothes I don't want to get rid of. It's pretty simple to use - take a photo of the item, upload it with a caption, sizing, colours, brand and price, then vuala! Your item is up and ready to be seen by hundreds of users. 

My favourite part about the website is that once you sell an item and the buyer confirms it has arrived, the money is deposited into your 'DW Wallet' and you can keep it there until you want to withdraw it, or you can spend it on items listed on the site. Which is great for me as I can use this wallet to save for new items. I kept all my sales money in there until I have enough for the item I want and then I withdraw it - stops me spending my shoe money on bills and lunch!

My designer wardrobe account is here, if you'd like to check it out and grab a great bargain on some designer items. I absolutely recommend you give this a try! Its an easy way to sell off your designer/ branded pieces to buy to make some extra money, you won't regret it! 

Gather all your branded / designer items that you don't wear anymore!

Gather all your branded / designer items that you don't wear anymore!