Blue Jeans

We all have that perfect pair of black jeans. Well for me, all of my jeans were that perfect black jean. 

When I comes to jeans, my colour range has been quite limited. Purely because I have always worn black and white. I knew I needed to brach out and start to collecting a great range of jeans, starting with the perfect blue. Lana Del Rey said in her song Blue Jeans 'I will love you till the end of time' .. well Lana I think I now know how you feel about blue jeans.

Wether it's a light blue or dark denim blue, a blue jean is a must-have staple in your wardrobe. My favourite is the washed blue denim. They are quite tonal and aren't too dark. You can always buy darker denim which will eventually begin to lighten over time. 

I went straight for Zoe Karssen 'The End' jeans, because they had the look that I wanted - slightly ripped/ frayed and a mix of tone in the denim. I wanted a denim that had a slight wash to them, which comes through in this pair. As soon as I tried these on, I knew they were perfect. They had the right fit with a little bit of stretch. Finding the perfect jean can take forever, and thats why I recommend going somewhere that stocks quality denim. 

When trying on jeans, you'll notice the more you spend the higher quality the denim will be. Don't get me wrong I love a good designer jean but Topshop denim is also awesome and for $90 they last. Always take your time when trying on jeans, you want to get the right fit and feel. Make sure that you're leaving the store with a pair of jeans you know you'll get your money back in wear. 


Just Jeans / Jeans West - These shops stock different shapes, sizes and brands which will help to find the perfect pair because sometimes a specific brand just doesn't work!

Superette - If you're looking to splurge above the $150 mark then I would shop at Superette as they have a great range of good quality denim

Department Store - These guys have both Black Box and Rolla's Denim which gives a lot to choose from and a lot to try on! 

Online - It's hard to buy denim online, just like everything else, but it can be done. Try to go to one of the stores above to try on different cuts and shapes so you know what fits and looks best on you. This will also give you a good idea of your size range for different brands! Websites
like Shopbop, Net-a-Porter, Asos 

Love the trend of slightly frayed edges

Love the trend of slightly frayed edges